Supernemos – Small pack

Supernemos - Small pack


Over 20 million nematodes in a sealed pack that will be delivered to your door by post.
Application instructions (using watering can)
You will require: 1 x 8/10 litre bucket, 1 x measuring jug and 1 x 8 litre watering can, fitted with a course rose for application to turf. Ensure that you have read the important notes section below before applying SuperNemos.

1 Add 2 litres of water to bucket, add SuperNemos and rinse all residue from pack into the bucket. Top up with water to 8 litres.

2 Stir well and let stand for 30 minutes – this is your stock solution.

3 Using the measuring jug, transfer litres of the solution to your watering can and top up to 8 litres.

4 Apply this solution to 8-10m2 (40-50 pot plants or 15 gro bags)

5 Repeat step 3, stirring each time prior to transfering stock solution to your watering can, until the stock solution has gone.