Get Involved!

The Tattie Hoaker farm runs a Community-supported agriculture project. We love to have local people and visitors come and get involved!


Ways you can get involved:

  • Work voluntarily in exchange for vegetables
  • Farm a plot or allotment on our land
  • Composting
  • Invest in the crop
  • Come and farm with us for a day
  • WWOOFing


Work voluntarily in exchange for vegetables

By arrangement, local people are welcome to come and help out on the farm on a regular basis in exchange for vegetables. This scheme has been running very successfully for two years and over a dozen volunteers have helped out on this basis.

Farm a plot or allotment

The Tattie Hoaker has more land than we use and we encourage local people to come and organically produce vegetables for themselves or for resale. In autumn 2014, two hard working members of the farm volunteer team set out on their own venture to produce vegetables using a previously uncultivated piece of land on the farm. It’s a very exciting venture and we wish them great success. Watch this space for more details!


If you like to seperate your compostable waste but don’t have a garden to use it in, you are welcome to bring it to the Tattie Hoaker Farm and we will add it to our compost heaps! Raw vegetable peelings, teabags, coffee grounds, fruit peels and animal hair/dust from the vacuum cleaner are all compostable.
If you have horses you could talk to us about their waste also!

Invest in the crop

In the early spring the vegetable farmer has to outlay a lot of money in advance of making any returns until late summer/autumn! This can be a little stressful sometimes! If you would like to support a local organic farm you could invest in the crop by paying in spring for vegetables you will receive in summer/autumn!

Electric Green at tattie Hoaker Farm
Electric Green at tattie Hoaker Farm

Work on the farm for a day

Come and get your hands muddy and join us for a day on the farm!
Here’s the story of two brave types who did just that in 2014.
Electric Green at Tattie Hoaker Farm



Tattie Hoaker Farm is a member of Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) and receives visitors from different countries who stay with us and help on the farm in exchange for bed and board. Because the farm is situated in such a beautiful and interesting part of Ireland they often return to visit!
Here is a link to the blog of one of this year’s visitors:
Catalina’s Blog in Sligo